Worry-Free Kissing Vegan Lip Balm



Everyone wants moisturized lips. Unfortunately, having a vegan partner or someone if your life who is allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, soy, gluten, or corn can make it hard to find a proper lip balm.

The easy choice is choosing Ceela. Ceela contains no common food allergens like shea butter or lanolin, and No animal products like beeswax either! Instead, we use a complex of soothing Cocoa Butter and moisturizing oils to manufacture the best lip balm we’ve ever used.

Ceela has created the perfect lip balm for those with food intolerance and for those who are vegan. Apply Ceela Vegan Lip Balm today, and feel the jubilance. It really is quite amazing how good this vegan lip balm feels on lips!  

Ceela Lip Balm, taking life to a new level of intimacy.


Ceela Vegan Lip Balm: meant for sharing with a vegan or an allergic person you might kiss…

P.S. If you want to share… splurge and buy several! Giving a gift may lead to sharing something different. Non-vegans may use this lip balm to kiss non-vegans. We will not tell.

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