Touch Organic Massage Oil

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Touch Organic Massage Oil

All natural, organic massage oil
Perfect choice for a healthy experience for both therapist and client!
Contains Organic Sunflower oils specially blended with other pure oils for ultimate slip and texture. Built for massage therapists experiencing dry, cracked, sometimes painful hands. Touch allows therapists to maintain the beauty of their skin. Touch provides the perfect amount of slip for both deep and light tissue work.

The perfect combination of glide and absorption.

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Clinics Using Touch:

Simply Fabulous Massage
After Accident Care    


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Touch Organic Massage Oil


Our organic massage oil offers massage therapists a healthy treatment for their hands while they massage clients. We offer special discounts to therapists. There are an estimated 30 Massages per bottle. There is nothing like it, and it doesn’t take much. A full body massage with 2 teaspoons of the healthiest oils is the new standard set by Ceela Naturals.


Additional information

Weight 454 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 cm


Ceela Naturals

gluten soy nut dairy free skincare free of preservatives and detergents
gluten soy nut sesame dairy free skincare


Complete List of Ingredients All Natural

Helianthus annuus (Sunflower)
Oryza sativa  (Rice)
Ribes nigrum (Black Currant)


16 oz (454g)


How to Use

Shake Before Use. Apply sparingly to body, a small amount glides a long way!

3 reviews for Touch Organic Massage Oil

  1. [email protected]

    As someone with sensitive skin, it is always somewhat nerve wracking to me to get a massage because I have NO idea what they are going to put on my body. I feel safe when I know my therapist is using Touch massage oil. (and she does! Carol Hublar at Simply Fabulous Massage and More) Most people do not realize that everything we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies, many body lotions and massage oils are laden with toxic chemicals and common allergens. Touch massage oil contains only the necessary oils to provide a smooth glide for the massage therapist and a safe and non toxic massage for the client while hydrating and nourishing the skin.

    Touch massage oil is perfect for Massage Therapists, Estheticians, and even as a daily moisturizer. It is also an excellent and safe makeup remover!

    Lindsay Chesak, Licensed Esthetician

    • Tracey Walker

      awesome, great to hear

  2. wendylm81

    I use the Touch Massage Oil everyday on my patients. I love the glide. I love that it is all natural and I can trust that it is safe for everyone. Since it is so gentle, I do not have the usual worry of irritating someone’s sensitive skin. I have been a massage therapist for 13 years and Touch is honestly the best oil I have found.

    Wendy McCracken, Licensed Massage Therapist

  3. candice02cul (verified owner)

    I began using Ceela products when my toddler developed a red dry patch of skin on his torso that would not go away. I used Ceela Body Wash followed by Touch Massage Oil daily. Within a month, the area cleared.

    I also work as a licensed massage therapist. I find that Touch Massage Oil has a smooth application and easy to apply. Many of my clients ask what oil I use. They want the oil for personal use. I use Touch Oil for both effleurage and deep tissue work. Touch also does not contain common allergens so I never worry about my client reacting to the oil.

    Candice Sanders, Licensed Massage Therapist

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