Tone Natural Food Allergen Free, All Skin Types

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A Skin-Friendly, pure, deep-cleansing Toner that clarifies and balances skin.

TONE is skin-friendly and refreshes. The Ceela cleansing formula clarifies and deep pore cleanses. All the while, pure and organic Witch Hazel balances skin with a powerful antioxidant. Witch Hazel soothes and calms skin. Many find Witch Hazel helps restore beauty when your skin is having issues.


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Tone Natural Food Allergen Free, All Skin Types


Tone Natural Food Allergen Free

Tone Natural Food Allergen Free removes old dirty oils. With a light touch, it replaces them with needed natural support. Tone helps really clean your pores. Tone removes old soiled oils. And, then replaces them with clean healthy oils. Organic Witch Hazel has a great history in skincare helps this simple formulation. We make Tone in a vegan common food allergen free facility. Our equipment never sees a common food allergen. Dubious ingredients just never happen with Ceela Products.

Tone Helps Deep Cleanse Your Skin Biome

These properties help your skin look great even when it feels poorly. You can apply these safely to angry skin to soothe.  Tone also removes any trace of old skin oils after cleansing.  CLA replaces them fresh and healthy. This leaves skin balanced, hydrated and prepped for moisturizing.


Additional information

Weight 132 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 6 cm


Ceela Naturals

gluten soy nut dairy free skincare free of preservatives and detergents
gluten soy nut sesame dairy free skincare


Complete List of All Natural Ingredients

Organic Witch Hazel extract
Purified Water
Olive Glycerin (Andalusian)
Potassium Linoleate (CLA from Safflower)

4.6 fluid ounce (132g)

How to Use

After cleansing, apply to cotton ball and gently sweep over face and neck. Safe for the eye area. Use A.M. and P.M. May spritz directly on skin to hydrate and refresh during the day, as needed. Perfect to use post-workout to remove oils, bacteria and perspiration. Also usable as a step in the Eczema Test Kit, after the cleanser and before Magicalm+.

3 reviews for Tone Natural Food Allergen Free, All Skin Types

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I have never been an advocate for toners, however, I LOVE Ceela Tone. Tone contains natural witch hazel to gently exfoliate the skin, without the alcohol commonly found in most toners, which leaves the skin feeling tight and dry. Perfect for teens, gym bags, or as a gentle refresher throughout the day, tone removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of essential nutrients and moisture, and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

    Apply to a cotton swab or spray directly onto skin, use tone after cleansing, working out, or as a mist of hydration to refresh the skin throughout the day. Follow with Ceela Hydrate or Just 7.

    Lindsay Chesak, Licensed Esthetician

  2. [email protected]

    One word: FABULOUS! I’ve always been a fan of toners. TONE is my all-time favorite because of it’s amazing ingredients that not only help remove makeup residue after cleansing, it puts moisture in my skin for balance and optimal hydration. Plus, it works beautifully as a hydrating mist during the day. Just spritz for instant refreshment! Can be used to set makeup, too.

    It’s part of my skin Trifecta: Cleanse with CLEAN-DRY, follow with TONE and moisturize with HYDRATING CREAM. My skin is sooooo happy!

    I LOVE the concentrated, simple ingredients that are very nourishing for skin. Especially the organic witch hazel – a powerful antioxidant for skin that is perfect for ALL skin types. It promotes optimal skin health and functioning.

    I will never be without at least two bottles of TONE. One at home and one for on the go. Please think about making TONE in a travel size which would be so purse-friendly 🙂

    Thank you, Ceela!!!!

    Carrie Merchant, NCEA-certified Master Aesthetician

  3. vancantrell (verified owner)

    I normally do not use a Toner as part of my daily facial routine and when I have tried it in the past, my face would always feel irritated after application. This product is amazing and leaves my skin feeling so refreshed. No irritation, burning, nor itchy sensations.

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