Clear Salve NS Provides Natural Acne-Seborrhea Support

Much gentler and soothing salve to use your acne care is too harsh This contains great basic ingredients without salicylic acid. Great for hydrating and stimulating skin to feel alive. Contains nicotiniamide and isomerized safflower oil, both important to maintaining normal skin biome.

For between a fully vetted OTC treatment of acne or seborrhea.


Clear Salve NS Provides Natural Acne-Seborrhea Support - 50mL (793585899250) - $24.00
Clear Salve NS Provides Natural Acne-Seborrhea Support - 150mL (793585899250) - $44.00

Clear Salve NS Provides Natural Acne-Seborrhea Support


Clear Salve NS Natural Acne-Seborrhea Support (Salicylic Acid-Free) Normalizes Challenged Skin

Clear Salve NS  provides support between treatments with Clear Salve for  Natural Acne-Seborrhea. Clearly it helps moisten and soothe dermatitis in skin.

Seborrhea dermatitis is best treated with specific OTC acne products.  The hair follicles live beneath your skin. You pull these out during waxing. Therefore, the hair follicle starts your hair growth.  Literally thousands of different bacteria and fungi live in your hair follicle. When a certain fungus known as Mallassezia starts to grow, you develop dandruff and seborrhea.

We know that salicylic acid will kill malassezia species.  We believe Ceela products have a here-to-fore unexpressed support of skin. This cosmetic support provides a real opportunity for people to avoid synthetic antibiotic-preservatives. Above all else Ceela avoids the harsh detergents introduced to our diet and skincare currently.

Dryness can develop with repeated salicyclic acid use so this product has none. Clear  Salve NS nourishes and moisturizes without the drying. Finally this product supports skin while treating seborrhea.

So the skin can  become dry with the repetitive use of Salicylic Acid.  Therefore without this acid Clear Salve NS helps moisturize between treatments of the full strength favorite anti-acne medication. This product provides natural beautifying support.

Clear Salve NS combines nourishing skin ingredients with powerful deep cleansing. We use CLA, vitamins B3 (niacinamide) and E to deep clean your pores. This creates a unique re-balancing experience. Using Clear Salve NS as a leave-on product gives excellent skin-restoring properties. Consider the other multiple benefits for both challenged and aging skin. Niacinamide has well known abilities to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Skin tone, fine lines, and dullness will similarly respond.  Above all, Clear Salve NS helps your skin look beautiful even with environmental challenges.

Please keep in mind, you will need a fully vetted OTC acne treatment.

50mL or 150mL

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Clear Salve NS

50mL, 150mL


Ceela Naturals

gluten soy nut dairy free skincare free of preservatives and detergents
gluten soy nut sesame dairy free skincare


Complete List of Ingredients All Natural

Purified Water

Potassium Linoleate (CLA)

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)



Rice Vit E

5.3 oz (150g)

How to Use

Apply 2-4 times daily sparing and massage into skin. If salicylic acid too drying, this will provide much of the soothing cosmetic support found in Clear Salve.

This is a “leave on” product applied to face or body, wherever you have challenged skin. We recommend first cleansing with “Clean Oily” and deep cleansing with “Tone” before application. In addition to Clear Salve NS, we offer Clear Salve Natural Seborrhea Care with salicylic acid.


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