Eczema Baby Kit Sunflower Free Soothes

Before deciding to use Ceela, choosing an area to test with the TEST KIT is best. Wash the area with Body Wash twice daily, and follow with Magicalm Plus or Magicalm Powder for about 2 weeks before moving onto the next level, Eczema Step 1.

For those with ACTIVE ECZEMA we recommend our Eczema-Sensitive Rescue Top Ten Allergen Free without Sunflower. This kit includes a Facial Cleanser and Squalane for dryness.

We recommend using this step at least 10 days before advancing to our Sunflower Free Eczema Step 1 or Step 2. Initial applications of Body Wash and Magicalm Plus may be diluted first, to build up tolerance. Applying Magicalm plus first may also help the acceptance of Body Wash in some with eczema. For those with severe dryness we recommend SQUALANE . We are entirely ADVANCED BLAND Certified

Body Wash 9 oz $17.00
Magicalm plus $18.00

Individual Price Total: $35.00


These products help soothe and clean skin without common food allergens, sesame, corn or sunflower.


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Eczema Baby Kit Sunflower Free Soothes


Eczema Baby Kit Sunflower Free Soothes

Ceela’s Eczema Sunflower Free Alternative to Petroleum Jelly.

Many recommend using dilute bleach baths or petroleum jelly for soothing Eczema.

We offer a different approach. Our products offer cosmetic support free of common allergens. The Eczema Baby Kit offers a simple Cleansing and Soothing without Sunflower Oil or Legumes.

To restore dry patches to soft and beautiful skin try Squalane drops.

Therefore, after successful squalane for a week or two, the skin  prepares for accepting our moisturizing Body Cream.

Consider, Body Cream  contains no sunflower oil or related ingredients. The Eczema Baby Kit coupled with Eczema Step 2 remains a simple natural way to soothe skin. And above all  these products avoid common allergens, sesame, corn, sunflower.

Additional information

Weight 450 g


Ceela Naturals

gluten soy nut dairy free skincare free of preservatives and detergents
gluten soy nut sesame dairy free skincare


Body Wash

Complete List of Ingredients All Natural

Pro-Vit B5 (Panthenol)
Isomerized Linoleic Acid (CLA from Safflower)
Arginine Aspartate
Rice Vit E Tocotrienol

12 oz (340g) or 9 oz (255 g)

Magicalm Plus

Complete List of Ingredients All Natural

Andalusian Olive Glycerin

Magnesium Hydroxide



4oz (114g)

All ADVANCED BLAND certified

How to Use

Before using Eczema Kit Step 2 we recommend beginning with the Test Kit. Without a reaction you may start with the Natural Eczema Starter Kit, advancing to the Eczema Kit 1 over 10-21 days.

Our Eczema Starter Kit is Safe for all skin types, even the most delicate, sensitive skin. Perfect for daily use. Initially dilute to he Body Wash to comfort.  Apply to wet skin, work into lather, rinse well.  Follow with Ceela MagiCalm Plus.

Magicalm Plus or Magicalm powder may be applied directly or diluted 1 teaspoon in an 8 ounce plastic cup of water. Covering affected skin with with a warm moist clothe can be quite soothing. Rinse while bathing or showering.

In the most severely affected areas washing with Body Wash may burn or irritate. We recommend either diluting body wash before application or applying Magicalm Plus diluted as above first.

If Drying develops from daily use, Wash with further diluted wash and apply Squalane  or move to Eczema Step 2, also  Sunflower Oil Free..

With multiple skin cream problems please check our Eczema Atopic Test Kit.


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