Kits for Natural Skin Care

Ceela Makes the Simplest Kits for Natural Skin Care

These Kits for Natural Skin Care provide traditional facial care components: Cleanser, Toner, and Creams. However, our ingredients are carefully chosen to nourish your skin to its full potential. Often, our diets are lacking in amino acids and the deeply nourishing oils. Ceela adds these to our creams to nourish your skin and provide your skin the fundamental building blocks to fully support a healthy complexion. At the core of each product is CLA, a gentle and natural way to remove built-up dirt and grime. In addition to deep cleansing, you also restore fresh clean oils to your skin each time you use Ceela products.

We want you to know “natural” to us means our ingredients are already part of your life.

Ceela Products Replace Old Oils with New Fresh and Clean Oils.

First, in your routine, our facial cleanser Clean offers a true restoration of balance by deep cleansing without over-drying. Second, Tone helps deep cleanse pores with organic witch hazel and cleansing oils. This product feels great simply spritzed on, or swept across the face with cotton pads. Next, our luxurious Hydrate Cream hydrates your skin and leaves it feeling dewy. For added hydration, press a moist towel onto the skin following application of the creams. Finally, our Eye Care provides the delicate skin around the eyes with complex branched-chain amines that are hard to get in our diet. Our Eye Cream also contains the powerful antioxidant Black Currant oil which has almost mystical properties to restore skin’s balance. Both Hydrate and Eye Care also contain hyaluronic acid for a deep boost in skin hydration.

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