Natural Facial Creams

Our Natural Facial Creams Only Contain Ingredients Found in Our Own Bodies

We offer natural facial creams with no dubious ingredients. If you find an ingredient listed on our bottles, you will find it in our body. Focusing on the foods you put in your body is important, but it is also vital to think about which products you put on it. Remember, especially with respect to creams, which absorb into your skin:  if an ingredient is on your skin, it is in your body. 

All the components we use like safflower, rice, olive, vitamins, and amino acids are found in us. Even foreign sounding things like glycerol, oleic, and linoleic oils… we have pounds of this in our body. Your body is already acquainted with the ingredients found in Ceela’s natural facial creams.

Other manufacturers use numerous ingredients that exist only in your cream jar. Our bodies cannot recognize these and can often lead to bizarre reactions. Creams are a unique mixture. They blend oily ingredients with water. If you’ve ever mixed vinegar and oil you know it’s not easy.

What every cream on the market, besides Ceela, uses is an emulsifier. An emulsifier is often a detergents or surfactant used to bind the mixture together. These detergents and surfactants are what often lead to skin reactions. We completely leave these out and instead use a patented method to blend our creams making them safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Ceela Offers Four Different Skin Creams

Body Cream. Our richest and most complex cream. While made for the body, this cream has all the richness and quality you would expect in a facial cream. It truly nourishes hands making a clear improvement in dryness. Use sparingly, a little will go a long way.

Eye Care. This gentle and effective hydrating cream will nourish and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye. It contains hyaluronic acid, black currant oil, vitamin C, and important branched chain amino acids. Of particular note, black currant oil is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Again, you will not find any bizarre chemical ingredients. Just simple natural ingredients.

Hydrate for Face. Available in both dry and oily skin formulations. Our hydrate series contains many essential amino acids including glycine, a collagen builder. They also contain hyaluronic acid, Omega 3s, and vitamin C. These impart hydration and antioxidant properties to our creams. Our creams use a plant-based source of Omega 3, either Kiwi or Chia oil. We offer these two different formulations because some customers are sensitive to kiwi.

Just Series. Finally, a very simple cream. Our Just series. Made to reduce the potential of an allergic response, the Just series contains the smallest list of ingredients. We believe some people have a skin microbiome capable of digesting skin care. This causes skin irritation like redness and itching. By using our Cleansers and Magicalm Mask you can reduce the number of bacteria and fungi on your skin. Once these are reduced, applying creams, like Just 3+ and Just 7, may allow you to use moisturizers without discomfort.

Just 7 Chia. Only 7 ingredients. Uses Chia as a source of Omega 3s.

Just 3+. Only three plants: safflower, olive, and rice. The plus is glycine, which hydrates skin.

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