Creams Starter Eczema-Atopic Dermatitis

The Just Cream series is our simplistic series – Simple, pure skin nutrition for all skin types and conditions. Our “Just” creams contain exactly what they say, Just 3 or Just 7 ingredients. No fine print to squint at or chemicals you can’t pronounce. The Basic Creams are a minimalist approach to skin care. The “Just” series is formulated with the allergen sensitive in mind. Minimal ingredients for maximum tolerance. Completely fragrance-free.

A solution for those that cannot tolerate most moisturizing creams…

We offer three basic creams with the fewest possible ingredients. Chances are, the smaller the number of ingredients in a product, the less likely you are to be allergic or intolerant to it.

Our simplest cream Just 3+ contains only one protein building block: glycine. This amino acid comprises 30% of collagen. Your skin, blood vessels, joints, and ligaments all contain collagen. Glycine has rarely if at all caused an allergic response. Even those suffering from multiple allergies can tolerate this cream.

Besides glycine, Just 3+ contains oils from Olive, Safflower, and Rice. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients then you should not use this cream. Please contact us if you have an allergy to one of these.

Has every cream you tried caused burning/itching in an hour or so?

If creams you tried in the past caused itching or burning, it could be your skin biome or bacteria/fungi causing it. Just like your gut microbiome, we also have a skin microbiome. People with atopic dermatitis frequently carry Staphylococcus aureus on their skin. This is a potent irritating infection waiting to happen. In addition to S. aureus, other microbes (Candida and Malassezia) also cause problems. As a result, your microbiome can produce itching and burning when you apply skin care.

If burning occurs, consider a week or two of applying Magicalm+, rinsing and applying Body Oil or Body Armor.

Once your sensitivity resolves, your can resume cleansing your skin and applying creams.  Our suggested regimen includes Facial Cleansers or Body Wash. In addition, we advise applying Magicalm or Magicalm+ after cleansing but before you apply creams. To be sure you don’t have a reaction we advise to run a small patch test using Cleanser, Magicalm, and our Cream on a small area in the crease of your forearm. This will let you know if a reaction will occur when used on a larger patch of skin.

We have found our clients to truly benefit from this regimen. As with any skin care regimen, it is always advisable to consult a physician to advise you in this process.

Other Simplistic Creams with Omega 3’s from Chia

Our next simple cream is Just 7 Chia. This is a basic formulation using Chia oil. Chia oil is a well-known source of Omega 3. This oil also helps fight skin irritation and dehydration. We highly recommend using a cream containing omega 3 oils.

We are committed to helping all our customers find a cream your skin can tolerate. Please email us if you have specific concerns we do not cover here.

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