Preservatives Create Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Preservatives are Antibotics

Are you inviting disaster? 

Consider that the word preservative also means antibiotic. All preservatives according to the FDA BAM for testing preservatives must inhibit the growth of many bacteria, mold and fungus. 

Here  England’s great newspaper the Telegraph reports finding preservative resistant Staph aureus and other super bugs in ordinary cosmetics-skincare,

If a doctor told you to put antibiotics on your skin every day … would you find another doctor?

Your current skincare contains preservatives…why put antibiotics on your skin every day?

The development of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms due to the selective pressure from preservatives included in cosmetic products could be a risk for the emergence and spread of bacterial resistance in the environment.
(From: Increasing antibiotic resistance in preservative-tolerant bacterial strains isolated from cosmetic products.   2015 Mar;18(1):51-9. doi: 10.2436/20.1501.01.234)

Ceela Naturals uses no preservatives. No drug resistant bacteria or mold can evolve from our products.

If you want to avoid creating drug resistant strains of bacteria, mold and fungus… just stop using preservatives. 

Consider Ceela Naturals, preservative free skincare.

preservatives cause drug resistance
From:TRENDS in Microbiology:Vol 21 p662 2013

Consider, that our skin balances the bacteria, fungi and even mites living within our pores. When our immunity falters these invade our skin. Most of the time our body balances these to keep us healthy. 

The preservatives in skincare disturb this microbiotic balance. Our bacteria, fungi and mites fight back by becoming drug resistant. 

In conclusion when we create drug resistant bacteria on our skin we start the condition we call eczema. In fact 80% of children with eczema have  a Staphylococcus aureus in their skin. Many of these have methicillin reistant strains.  Further studies have identified interleukin inhibitors to increase these infections.


We know that conjugated linoleate a natural oil in out diet from safflower oil fights MRSA in vitro.  This quality of CLA appears to one of a surface interaction, not likely to cause drug resistance. In fact we believe CLA functions as a biomic regulator in the rumens of many important animals. Finally, the role cla has played in maintaining microbial peace has endured for millenia.

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