Ceela Offers Preservative (Paraben)-Free Skin Care for Even the Most Discriminating Consumer.

Most cosmetics contain preservatives. Preservative (Paraben)-free skin care means we do not allow parabens or other synthetic or engineered chemical preservatives into our manufacturing site. This ensures there is absolutely no cross contamination between runs on our manufacturing lines. We manufacture in an ultra clean environment.

Preservative (Paraben)-Free Skin Care

Our products are naturally bacterial resistant.

We know this because we test them against bacterial growth using FDA and ISO standard procedures. Our products can eliminate the bacteria and mold that cause major illness. This is due to our powerhouse ingredient, CLA, which makes our creams naturally antimicrobial. This combined with our airless packaging reduces the chance of serious bacterial contamination even in the bathroom. We are proud to offer you preservative (paraben)-free skin care.

Paraben  Sensitivity

Parabens can cause the same problems listed below for corn. Therefore, when Parabens cause problems, the problems are real… eczema, headaches, and feeling lousy. People who use a lot of hand cream, like massage therapists, can become sensitive to parabens. For example with poison ivy, you need exposure to become allergic. The same holds true with parabens. You need repeating exposure to become sensitive. So one day you may be doing fine and then the next day the itching starts. Many think that a very small concentration of preservative surely will not cause a problem. But they do.
Feeling lousy after eating corn, getting hives, becoming nauseated, or even getting a runny nose suggests a corn allergy.

Symptoms of Corn Allergies