PCA ReBalance CeraVe Fail EWG

Just 3 + Cream Ingredients EWG Rating

Ceela Just 3+contains just 3 simple common plant oils found in nuttritional stores. Each has an “EWG-green” rating. All Ceela Ingredients are rated by the Environmental Working Group as “green” like glycine, the ultimate safety level.  When eaten Glycine helps build collagen in our body.  In creams, glycine helps hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.




Ceela Hydrate offers the basic Just 3 ingredients with additional amino groups, considered essential to our health. These include alanine, valine, threonine, phenylalanine, and tryptophan. These amino acids play an important role in our general health. Our  hyaluronic acid is entirely vegan.

PCA ReBalance CeraVe Fail EWG

PCA ReBalance CeraVe Fail EWG

PCA ReBalance fails EWG along with CeraVe. One bad ingredient in this product is lavender because medical reports have shown that lavender oil is an estrogen mimic. Lavender has been linked to enlarging breasts of prepubertal boys. Ceela recommends avoiding lavender due to the prospect of changing sex traits in boys.

PCA ReBalance & CeraVe Ingredients Fail EWG Ratings (Environmental Working Group)

It gets our attention at Ceela when products like PCA ReBalance and CeraVe fail EWG. So, with everyone’s health in mind, we designed our products with EWG ratings foremost. You should know that our ingredients contain no common allergens, corn, Genetically Modified Organism or animal products. It’s also worth noting that for the safety conscious, getting a “Yellow” from EWG is a no-no, and “Red” means “run”. EWG-verified means that all ingredients in a product are “Green” just like all Ceela products. Due to this, EWG-verified remains one of the highest standards in cosmetics.

EWG= Environmental Working Group. They provide independent reviews of cosmetic ingredients. For this independence, we support their goals. Their rating for propylparaben in CeraVe reports a red, which is the worst color possible.

One weakness with EWG.ORG remains, however. This weakness is that new ingredients default to “green”. Consequently, if a novel ingredient contributes to a cream, then that cream will be rated “green” until enough data can be gathered to downgrade. Because of this, many have chosen to use entirely new, unknown chemicals in their cosmetic formulations.

Compare EWG Ingredient Grades
Green=EWG Verified Safe*
Yellow= Avoid; Red=Avoid For Real; Blue=Soy;
Brown=Animal Product Ingredient
Orange=Derived from Palm Oil
Pink=Estrogen Mimic (lavender mimics estrogen)

Another concern with lavender relates to its estrogen mimic status and estrogen-sensitive breast tumors. Most physicians err on the side of caution and recommend avoiding lavender in this setting.

Also of note for our vegans, anything Taurate most likely has an animal origin. The diagram represents this as a brown colored slice in PCA Skin Creamy Cleanser. By contrast, Ceela has no animal products or derived ingredients.

PCA ReBalance CeraVe Ingredients Fail EWG



Vanicream falls into a slightly different category. This cream contains non-human ingredients. Simethicone and white petroleum cause problems if breathed into our lungs. Pediatricians caution mothers to not use petroleum jelly around the nose. Petroleum jelly getting into the nose can cause chemical pneumonia. Ceteareth 20 has concerns about dioxanes as part of the manufacturing process. The EPA has classified 1,4-dioxane as a Group B2 probable human carcinogen.


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