Aveeno Alternative Eczema-Atopic Dermatitis Hydrating

Aveeno Alternative Eczema-Atopic Dermatitis Hydrating Because….

Aveeno Products Contain Petrolatum Wheat and Soy

Ceela: aveeno alternative eczema-atopic-dermatitis without Petroleum, Wheat, Soy, and Dairy. Therefore,  Our STEP  1 provides an alternative to Aveeno eczema care. A lot of popular skin creams contain common allergens or animal products.  Consequently, people with eczema need to avoid these. EWG.org will help you identify ingredients. To summarize, allergists all agree , you need to avoid putting any creams containing common allergens onto hurting skin. Aveeno alternative eczema-atopic-dermatitis Ceela products contain no common allergens.

Also, another popular eczema cream, SkinFix, has shea and almond. Nut based ingredients.  Allergists have suspected for years that skincare containing s dairy and nuts can lead to food allergies.

In addition, Neutrogena contains  parabens and methyl parabens, known estrogen mimics. Aveeno alternative eczema-atopic-dermatitis Ceela products have no parabens. ]Many believe very low concentrations cannot do any harm. However, eczema weakens our skin’s barrier. So therefor with weakened skin these can enter our body. Even low concentrations may have profound effects on hormones. For example, breast cancer cells grow better with paraben and epidermal growth factor.

Some eczema treatments include Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  Just say, “no!.”  The EMA, Our European FDA counter part recommend eliminating all SLS.

Aveeno Alternative Eczema-Atopic Dermatitis Hydrating Just 3+ has the smallest allergen footprint of any skin cream.

Ceela’s Aveeno Alternative Eczema Care:

Our Just 3+ formula contains only 4 simple ingredients:

Glycine, a protein building block for collagen

Just 3+ (without tree nuts)contains safflower, rice, and olive. Simple and nurturing. But those sensitive to safflower, rice, or olive should avoid this product. These three oils provide a simple soothing balance.

aveeno alternative eczema-atopic-dermatitis

Natural Eczema Atopic Dermatitis Kit Step 1

A quick word about creams that burn and the microbiome:

Consider that if you have had burning with creams before we recommend using  STEP 1 before applying creams to the skin.  However, often deep in your hair follicles you have tiny patches of raw skin. Harmful bacteria and molds live beneath our skin. This is why you burn. Normal healed skin does not burn. Raw skin does.

In conclusion, when you cleanse your skin with Ceela you help restrore a natural biome. Any time you wash you do this. But Ceela Body Wash and  Clean Oil or Dry are restorative.  These really  cleanse skin thoroughly. This aveeno alternative eczema-atopic-dermatitis washing helps reduce the  impact of skin-associated bacteria.

Like our gut microbiome, we have thousands of bacteria on our body making up our skin microbiome. Therefore, if the microbiome is out of balance, itching and inflammation can develop. This imbalance can be the result of growing bacteria.  If you plan on using a nutrient-packed cream we recommend you first use STEP 1.  In summary, always cleanse before applying creams. Nutrient dense creams can feed the microbiome and can cause itching and even redness. Above all else, to soothe skin, we further suggest using Magicalm before applying creams to help the skin re-balance.

Aveeno Alternative Eczema-Atopic Dermatitis Hydrating

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