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If you’re reading this, you’re probably either a first time or a concerned visitor. Set out below are our answers to some of the understandable concerns you may have. Short summary: your security and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Visiting any site.

Q. Are you who you say you are?

A.  Ceela Naturals, LLC has been in business in Kentucky since 2001. Our founder has been in Louisville, Kentucky since 1984 when he taught Neurosurgery at the University of Louisville for four years. He actively participated at the University until 1997, since then he has been in private practice and developing ideas. He has Seven US patents and multiple publications. In 1988, he won the NIH Clinical Investigator Development Award. (For further information, read about Our Story)

Q. Is my personal information safe with you?

A. You entrust your data to Ceela Naturals only.

We guarantee that your email address won’t be shared with any third party that might later send you unsolicited emails.  In fact, our privacy policy guarantees that your data will only be used for delivering the product you’ve ordered and for emailing any information and special offers you have requested from Ceela Naturals and from Ceela Naturals only.

Your personal information, therefore, is kept safe from intruders on our secure servers. We are also PCI Compliant which means that we have met the standards for looking after data set out by credit card companies like Visa or MasterCard. Only they see your credit card number, my website cannot see or record your credit card information.


Paying online

Q. Is it safe to make payments with my credit card? 

A. On the Ceela Naturals web site, credit card transactions are guaranteed to be fully safe according to the SSL encrypting standard (Secure Socket Layer). This means that your financial information is encrypted using not just one but two keys to make it secure and confidential during transmission over the internet.
At our end, to guarantee your security, we’ve made our IT systems and facilities PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. This standard has been developed by Visa and MasterCard. Your credit card number is encrypted, and both electronic and physical security of the data has to be maintained at these high standards.

Q. How do you know which pages are secure? 

A. Look for ‘https:’ in the URL (rather than the normal ‘http:’) or for the little padlock on the bottom right hand side of the page if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox; an unbroken key if you are using Netscape.
IMPORTANT: If you are using an early version of Netscape or Internet Explorer – say, under v3 – these won’t support good security so don’t use them. Generally, try and keep up with the latest version for greater security


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