Natural Skincare for Moms Babies Children

Reason #1 Ceela is Your answer for skin care:

Ceela uses safe ingredients in our Natural Skincare for moms babies children. Our bodies need to grow, heal and prosper. We have chosen these ingredients to make absolutely safe natural skincare for moms babies children.


Natural Skincare

Great natural ingredients make it safe. Natural skincare for moms babies children.

Our Natural Skincare for Moms gives you the Omega-3 oils recommended by the American Heart Association. These can readily penetrate our skin. Everyone needs so much more omega-3 to balance the omega-6 overload caused by our diet. Replacing palm or coconut oil with omega-3 oil can increase your life by 27 years.


Reason #2:

‘Cee-LA’ uses CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

CLA contributes to our Natural Skin Care, and is the flagship molecule of Ceela Naturals. The omega-9 rich CLA naturally balances the oils in our body. Originally, CLA was discovered as an anti-cancer oil and was once called Vitamin F. We now know much more about this molecule. CLA balances all of our oils to the healthiest ratio. As a result, simply changing your cream may be your ticket to beautiful skin. Consider that Ceela offers a choice for healthy beauty inside and out. Babies need this CLA and so do moms, because we cannot make it readily. For everyone’s benefit, we use a vegan-sourced, specially-prepared CLA from Safflower.

Also, Ceela creams contain 90% unsaturated oils. And no surprises…just healthy ingredients to beautify your skin.

Reason #3:

Preservative-Free Natural Skin Care

Preservatives can act as estrogen mimics. Ceela exclusively offers products without estrogen mimics. We support mothers and their children by using ingredients safe by all standards. This means Ceela’s Natural Skin Care assures you and your child will have goodness surrounding you both. Above all else, we keep dubious ingredients away from our natural skincare for moms babies children.

Natural Skincare

Avoiding parabens and other estrogen mimics seems so simple. We have a detailed discussion of this HERE.

Reason #4:

Fragrance-Free natural skincare for moms babies children

Keeping your natural skincare for moms babies children fragrance-free means you have reduced your allergy risk. This is because many fragrances will make you allergic to them over time. These fragrance Super Allergens are also Hormone Mimics! So much so that physicians report that little boys develop increasing breast size from tea tree and lavender. Evidence also supports that lavender affects the metabolism of all adult breasts. Consequently, Ceela recommends eliminating all added fragrances. In summary, and for your health, Ceela products contain no added fragrance.


Reason #5:

Ceela avoids Palm & Coconut Products (Because These Endanger Tropical Bio-Diversity)

Natural Skincare

Ceela’s Natural Skin Care uses Olive-derived glycerin to nourish your skin. Almost all other glycerin comes from batched Biodiesel fuel production, meaning these biodiesel sources mix both palm and animal fats to create glycerin.

Fact: Commercial peanut butter only has to contain 10% peanuts to be called “Peanut Butter”; the rest is hydrogenated vegetable oil, likely soy. FALCPA says manufacturers do not have to label oil sources. 

Consider that there is no definition of “Vegetable Glycerin.” You have no way of knowing what percentage of “vegetable glycerin” comes from plant sources because of this. In theory, you can label the glycerin “vegetable” even with 99% animal fat-derived glycerin.

Most commercial glycerin mixes Palm, Soy, Coconut and probably animal glycerin together. That means if your skin care contains “vegetable glycerin”, it can contain animal-sourced glycerin as well as glycerin from palm, coconut or soy. As stated earlier, Ceela glycerin comes strictly from olives. We actually know the orchard owner. In fact, these olive orchards in Andalusia Spain are centuries old. Olives represent our best effort to live in harmony with our people and our neighbors.

Advice: if it says it is “plant-derived” it is likely palm or soy-based and they do not want to tell you. This is true for Seven Generations Laundry Detergent, probably manufactured by Unilever.

As a result, sustainable eco-friendly Ceela products contain no gluten, soy, nut, palm, coconut or corn. Most cosmetics contain palm, coconut, and soy products. This can hurt you and our environment. Ceela celebrates every day as an Earth Day. We start with mom safe skin care for earth safe skin care.

Reason #6:

Ceela Natural Skin Care is personally connected to Allergy-Free Skin Care. – Why Ceela Started

So, David Changaris, MD surgeon-biochemist, developed Ceela to help his wife with serious skin and food allergies. Therefore, Ceela products eliminated the illness that resulted from hidden soy ingredients. Now that you know “sojapropamide” means soy protein, you can start avoiding products containing this term. Many know that just plain lousy feeling that comes from phthalates and fragrances. Ceela will help free you of this feeling because we go deeper to provide the purest, least allergenic mom baby child-safe skin care. At first, we made it for ourselves, but now we embrace helping all those in need. In conclusion, this is 100% Natural Skin Care with Ceela Naturals: completely gluten, soy, nut, dairy and cruelty-free, vegan skin care.


Natural Skincare