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Oil and Water Do NOT Mix

Unless you use detergents or surfactants. We recommend detergent free creams. Another name for detergent is surfactant. They are identical.

Safflower Oil and Water Do NOT Mix

Ceela offers the first and only Detergent Free Skin Cream

Please do not do this for making a lotion for personal use, no matter how nice it feels.

First take a quarter cup of vegetable oil, then a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and finally a quarter cup of water. Mix them together and you have a lotion.

Please do not put this on your skin. These detergents, especially when mixed in oil can penetrate your body. Ceela Naturals offers the first detergent free skin creams to eliminate this potential risk.

You will never see an ingredient list on your dishwashing soap. There is no telling what is in your dishwashing liquid or clotheswashing soaps. As long as you buy it the people will continue making it.

Now that you understand this why bother?

Well people with cancer are told to avoid the most common detergent, sodium lauryl sulfate.

This detergent or surfactant is present in almost all toothpastes, liquid soaps, and many cosmetics. But this detergent can enter the eye and body.

The part that is hard for people to understand is that sodium Lauryl sulfate is a molecule with 12 carbons. This molecule has been modified many ways to make betaine derivatives, a very common component of cosmetic creams. Detergents and surfactants contribute much to our economic success. But Ceela Naturals has the perspective that these detergents can change our bodies in ways we may not like. So we offer the first detergent free skin creams.