Body & Bath Skincare (Sunflower Free): Gluten Soy Nut Sesame Dairy Free

TIP: To overcome past skincare issues use Ceela Cleansers and apply Magicalm  for 10 days before applying creams.

All Ceela Products Advanced Bland Certified: 100% Vegan Non-GMO & Paraben Free.

David Changaris, MD

The Classic nutritional guidance states 5-11% of your diet needs to be PUFAs, poly unsaturated fats. The big companies have removed these from most of our diet because these oils go rancid in months. We need them fresh daily. Our body cannot make these.
When next in the grocery store read the ingredients label and you will find almost all the oils now have 1 g PUFA per 14 g oils.

If you eat 2000cal per day the 10% means 200 calories or 22 grams of PUFA per day forever. You cannot get this with supermarket oils in less than 22 tablespoons. Grape seed oil will do this in 2 tablespoons. You still need the other sources you mentioned.

The flax will give C18 omega 3 PUFA’s but not C20 or C22 PUFAs. While it is simplistic there is some truth to identifying the C18 molecules as body, skin muscle. C22 is brain and C20 is our immune system. You need pufas in all three categories.

Flax has phytoestrogens so be sure to get some progesterone somewhere…. unopposed estrogens cause breast cancer. And men can get breasts and prostate concerns if they eat flax… just saying…

Vitamin D is super important, please do the 50,000 IU per month. Or follow a physician’s advice. You can get a Vitamin D level at without going to a doctor. I urge you to maintain at least 50ng/ ml vit d3.

There is no right or wrong on the use of the cosmetics. You will find that the PS salve NS can help everywhere you need to build skin. You can apply it twice daily for maximal effect. But if you have infections, the first few times may burn. Usually after a few times it subsides. If you only have one thing use the PS salve ns. But washing with body wash and using the Magicalm can help your wounds feel better. The PS salve ns is about 15% amino acids, the stuff you make your skin out of, especially the sulfur containing methionine.

I could sell these products as nutritional supplements. Do not consume the Magicalm however, too much magnesium can cause diarrhea.

Body & Bath Skincare (Sunflower Free too): Gluten Soy Nut Sesame Dairy Free means providing additional “LEGUME FREE ” or “SUNFLOWER FREE”  products to our Gluten, soy, sesame, nut free vegan facial skincare . These help if you have eczema and need Sunflower- Legume Free products that also follow Ceela’s  10-allergens-free promise means all skincare have  Advanced Bland Certification. In conclusion  you will find nothing dubious or likely to cause allergies in these products. No strange chemicals, preservatives, damaging detergents, common allergens, or GMO ingredients (and many more).

Keeping these products free of common food allergens including corn, sesame means that you need not worry about creating a food allergy (as it is very possible with using other skincare lines). 


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