Body & Bath Skincare: Gluten Soy Nut Sesame Dairy Free

TIP: To overcome past skincare issues use Ceela Cleansers and apply Magicalm  for 10 days before applying creams.

All Ceela Products Advanced Bland Certified: 100% Vegan Non-GMO & Paraben Free.

David Changaris, MD

Gluten, soy, sesame, nut free vegan body skincare offers a unique chance to reduce the likelihood of developing food allergies. Ceela’s  10-allergens-free promise means all skincare have  Advanced Bland Certification. Above all else you will find nothing dubious or likely to cause allergies in these products. No strange chemicals, preservatives, damaging detergents, common allergens, or GMO ingredients (and many more).

Keeping these products free of common food allergens including corn, sesame means that you need not worry about creating a food allergy (as is very possible with using other skincare lines). We do have products that have no sunflower components (100% Legume-Free).

Finally, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and non-GMO products that meet the concerns of many people. You need not worry about offending with Ceela Products.



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