Anti-Aging Collagen Builder Glycine

Anti-Aging Glycine offers the most abundant skin amine.
It contributes to hydration and youthful-looking skin.


Anti-Aging Collagen Builder Glycine linked to proven youthful-appearing skin claims.

Ceela offers Anti-Aging Collagen Builder Glycine. Without our body making glycine we would have no collagen, just that simple. Glycine, the simplest amine makes up 30% of our collagen.

Our body needs 1-2 ounces of high quality protein daily.  And our skin uses about 10% of our protein intake. This makes our skin the number one volume consumer of protein in our body.

Some would say healthy skin means beauty.
Therefore. the quickest way to look old:

not get enough protein.

Plentiful protein provides the essential building blocks for youthful skin.
Ceela has glycine to hydrate your skin. Skin hydration remains the cornerstone of reducing the appearance of fine lines. Glycine has comforting properties probably because it is such an important part of our skin.

Collagen makes skin firm and reduces wrinkles. You get collagen thru a good diet or a doctor’s needle. Eating good protein will always be more fun than getting it by a needle in a doctor’s office. So, much of the anti-aging facial industry tries to restore the collagen in our skin.


Glycine makes up more than 30% of collagen.

Finally, a diet rich in glycine may the single most important way to build up your collagen. Beyond this, however, it is generally recognized that amino acids in creams get into the superficial skin and enhance hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines. In conclusion, adding glycine to skin may be the simplest and most effective way to hydrate our skin.


Ceela uses many other important protein building amines. Our recipes for creams include alanine, arginine, lysine, leucine, histidine and valine. These are present in Hydrate and Eye Care that also contain Anti-Aging Collagen Builder Glycine. All help by hydrating the skin.


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