Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Ceela Naturals Exist?

Some twenty years ago Mona, my wife developed serious skin allergies caused by soy. We were unable find a truly reliable source so I built Ceela Naturals. Since then Ceela has grown slowly building skin care without common food allergens (now top 10 further excluding corn and sesame). We have seen so much growth.

What is different about Ceela Naturals?

Besides doing what we say we do, our passion makes us different. We want to make skincare that you can use a whole life time. So much of what I see on the market makes me uncomfortable because I was a biochemist for many years.  Consumers really cannot choose safe products from unsafe products. Few know the difference between phenylalanine (a necessary building block of your body) and phenylethanolamine (please avoid). By the way you find a lot of phenylethanolamine because it is cheap and it replaces parabens. Not a good choice for me.

What do you put in  Ceela products?

We use the same ingredients you would find in a healthy vegan low allergen diet. We have chosen 

       4 plant oils: Safflower, Rice, Black Currant, Sunflower to build our products.

       Protein building blocks (amines)

       Vitamins such as Panthenol (B5), C

These comprise nearly all our ingredients. We use no preservatives, No antibiotics, No artificial surfactants or detergents

Are you Gluten Free?

Of course! Gluten, soy, sesame, nut free vegan body skincare offers a unique chance to reduce the likelihood of developing food allergies. Ceela’s  10-allergens-free promise means all skincare have  Advanced Bland Certification. Above all else you will find nothing dubious or likely to cause allergies in these products. No strange chemicals, preservatives, damaging detergents, common allergens, or GMO ingredients (and many more).

What is a Microbiome?

The Microbiome is the sea of microbes in our air  and water and food.. Small bacteria, fungi, and yeast. We have billions in and on our bodies.

We need to live in harmony with these. We believe the preservatives that are present in most skincare products alter the microbiome in harmful ways. Ceela products by having no preservatives cannot do this.

Why do you no recommend your creams at first?

If you are new to Ceela, you need to get used to having no preservatives. We recommend using our cleansers and squalane to restore your skin oils. These work well for most of our customers.