How to Use Test Kits

  1. Our Eczema Test Kit begins with washing the skin.
  2. Applying Magicalm+ next is recommended for those with Legume or Sunflower Intolerance.
  3. If you can tolerate sunflower, applying Body Armor is a great next thing to do. 
  4. If not, continue using the Body Wash and Magicalm+ twice daily.
  5. After 10-14 days of this try adding Body Cream or Just 3 Plus for skin hydration.

When Do you need an Eczema Test Kit?

You need an eczema-test-kit-free if anyone in your family has rashes.

Your skin has a microbiome (several hundred thousand skin bacteria yeast and mold). Some of these microbes are not very nice. Many skin creams will actually promote their  growth. When this occurs you may feel burning or itching after applying creams. This is because the microbes on your skin are multiplying.

Why do I itch after putting creams on my skin?

To the right you can see what your skin looks like, loaded with bacteria. Washing helps reduce these. Our Eczema Test Kit begins by washing the skin properly.

Ceela cleansers kill staph aureus

Why Wash before Creams?

This shows a fanciful picture of bacteria living within a skin pore, a sweat gland. These bacteria need to be washed off.

Cleansers Fight Bacteria and Fungi

We know that Ceela Cleansers bring to you the simplest and most effective way to help control these bacteria.

If you apply a cream that contains natural oils on this skin, the bacteria will multiply and irritate the skin. Clean with our cleansers before applying our preservative-free products. Our products naturally suppress bacterial and fungal growth.