Ceela eczema-step-2-10-allergen-plus-free offers cleansing solution for eczema.

We recommend using the Step 1 or Step 1b for 2 weeks to help restore your microbiome of your skin. After 2-4 weeks of using Body Wash and Body Armor in Step 1 to prepare your skin, we offer our simplest hydrating cream in Step 2, Body Cream. Part of every bathing experience. Use sparingly…the “dot press” approach. 

Our Creams draw and hold water in your skin with the especially powerful CLA. Spritzing with water or a warm moist cloth brings out the deep health of your skin for days.

We urge you to wash with our cleansers before applying creams. If you have very sensitive skin, applying a thin layer of Magicalm+ for a few minutes and rinsing helps. A powder form is available but you have to enjoy mixing the powder with water first.