Eczema Natural products help neonates to moms with Acne and Rashes.

You have a skin microbiome, Ceela helps keep it in line. Bacteria, yeast and fungi cause or make rashes worse.

  • Washing with Ceela Body Wash  or  Clean Oily for Face 
  • Magicalm Plus soothes and moistens irritated skin
  • Squalane (olive) restores naturally occurring skin oils


You will need to do several things. Most are not very expensive, but they are mission critical for your survival I fear.
You need to be clear on how much vit D3 (for non vegans) or vit D2 (for vegans) you have in your diet. Also I would need to know what other supplements you are taking. Too much Vit A/E can compete with D. Ordinarily someone like you needs about 50-80,000 IU Vit D per month. It is fat soluble so taking it once a month works and you can buy 10,000 IU capsules so you only need to take 5-8 pills once a month.
You need to buy some Grape Seed Oil if you are not allergic and consume about 2 tablespoons a day. This will give you enough polyunsaturated fats to survive. You need between 5-11% of your diet in PUFA’s (poly unsaturated Fatty Acids). Mix the oil with your mashed potatoes, or pour on your toast. It is light and tasty oil. Be sure to check the label that it shows there is PUFA in the Grape Seed Oil.
If you are pushing Flax seed oil, chia, camelina oil, hemp seed oil you may be doing ok on the PUFA’s. Most people with eczema are nut intolerant due to using Shea butter and other nut products in skincare.Some nuts like walnuts are a good source of PUFA’s.
You also need 1-3 grams of fish oil or algal oil rich in DHA and EPA. Do not take tumeric except as ordinary condiment on your food. Also if you are on a blood thinner, you need to discuss everything with your physician before you do anything I have written. 


You will become food allergic to things you put on your eczema. So everything you use should be “bland” according to That means no common food allergens, sesame, corn in your skincare.
Ceela is bland. Are you allergic to Olive? Sunflower?
With broken inflamed skin, you will need to use something like Body Wash, but diluted 1:4 and rinse immediately because it will burn. The Magicalm powder mixed with water and gently sponged onto your washed skin after may reduce the burning. I would work up to  washing and rinsing several times a day once the pain subsides. PS Salve NS would be the next choice, this can be applied as a salve. This too may burn when initially applied. Diluting and working up to a full strength is an option.


You must stop buying all detergents and soaps in stores. Most do not tell you what is in them. This includes Shampoos. Again, use all Ceela cleansers diluted the first few times and try to leave some  on your scalp a few minutes before rinsing out. Burning will get better after several treatments.
Squalane from Olive can provide some barrier protection.
If you can afford it, get a high temp washer dryer complex. These can be purchased for about $1000. These have “allergy” cycles running several hours at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not need detergents when you wash with these. 
Here are some thoughts about washing clothes:
If you can only do one thing due to finances, do the dietary changes I have recommended. If you have the resources, do all of it.  Consistent washing with dilute Ceela Body wash will also help you to heal if you change your diet.