Dr. Changaris’s Journal
What I am Learning…

As I began my study of skin problems, it quickly became clear that skin condition was a result of many
causes. As a scientist, categorizing probable causes comes as second nature, so I began to document
and speculate as to what I was learning. Some things may seem obvious and intuitive, some more
difficult, but here is my list…

      1. In addition to what we traditionally define as the “human body” we live in a usually harmonious
        “host/parasite” environment with microorganisms. The microbiome of the gut is essential to
        nutrition. Less is known about the microbiome of the skin. What is known is that when any one
        microorganism becomes dominant, the skin may react in a range of symptoms. We also know
        that there are many things that will damage or change the microbiome.
      2. Skin is a remarkable barrier to keep harmful things out of the body. But many chemicals, especially man-made chemicals can easily penetrate the skin to enter the body and the gut microbiome. These chemicals may also affect the skin microbiome, allowing one type of bacteria or fungi to gain preeminence.
      3. If something is good for the body, it is good for the skin. The converse is also true. However, some people have allergies and intolerances to things they eat, breath, or touch which may not
        be harmful to other people. This can result in skin problems in addition to other symptoms. An
        allergy is an immune system reaction while a sensitivity is the body or the microbiome lacking a chemical or enzyme need to process the material. It is estimated that about 80% of food allergies are caused by just a few common foods.
      4.  Physicians have become more aware of the harmful effects of “over prescribing” antibiotics. Many have also pointed out that various types of preservatives in food and skin care products may also act like antibiotics in that they kill somethings while allowing other things to flourish.
        In my studies I learned that CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid-a natural product found in grass fed ruminants and vegetable oils) has several remarkable effects both when ingested and when applied to the skin and to hard surfaces. Although CLA has been intensely studied for almost forty years and its many benefits well documented, a clear understanding of exactly how it works has not yet been developed. We know it works, but we don’t really understand why.
        When CLA is combined with a salt, it becomes a soap. When it is used as a nutritional
        supplement, it promotes the growth of lean muscle mass and reduces fat. Of particular interest
        is that in low concentrations it seems to have a “calming” effect on the skin microbiome helping
        maintain a balance. Unlike an anti-bacterial agent which kills all but the most resistant
        organisms, CLA seems to retard the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and fungi without harming the biome.

I decided in 2001 to form a skin care manufacturing company to offer products that did not contain known common allergens, fragrances, and preservatives, but, where useful, did contain CLA. Many people using these products report good experiences. While we cannot guarantee your results, we do offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Our products are produced in our FDA Registered Common Food Allergen-Free Manufacturing facility in Louisville, Kentucky.