Innovation and a Prepared Mind Meets Misery

For years I brought new ideas to the medical-scientific community as a neurosurgeon-neurochemist. Then I stumbled or should I say I fell flat on my face. Journals and patents meant nothing as I watched my wife struggle and suffer through many failed and painful experiences.

The smartest best-trained professionals tried again and again to treat her skin condition. Simply put they could treat cancer and prevent death, but fixing things that make people miserable was beyond them.

So I set about finding out why this was happening and fix it…Food allergies were important we learned, eliminating these from our diet began the journey. It became clear the world was attacking our first line of defense: Our gut and skin. Just about everything we eat contains artificial ingredients that have never been evaluated for safety. And safety studies never ever discuss misery.

What does not kill you, can still make you miserable...

All artificial dyes, synthetic detergents, preservatives (synthetic antibiotics), dish washing cleansers, laundry detergents, toothpastes became suspects. These made up the list of unidentified assailants… the culprits.

Once we eliminated these culprits things started looking up. No more skin breakdown.

Word spread. People keep showing up and getting better, simply with simple steps. So we have brought these ideas forward. No one solution can restore a life time of developing an invasive disordered skin biome.

Please consider that following these simple guidelines have helped many. Problems fade enough to claim the simplicity helps eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea and acne. And they come to know much of what medical science has yet to embrace due to market forces.

Ceela does the work for you; we keep the culprits out.

David Changaris, MD