Ceela’s Body Care Line includes cleansing Body Wash, hydrating Body Cream, and our smooth Massage Oil and Body Armor. 

Body Wash: Use as a Shaving Gel Too

Great body care begins with a great Body Wash. Our wash contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), to gently yet powerfully cleanse.

[showhide type=”bodycare1″ more_text=”MORE” less_text=”Show Less”] We use CLA in place of harsh detergents like Laurel/Laureth/Lauric sulfates. You will never find harsh detergents, surfactants, or sulfates in our cleansers.

In addition to CLA, we use another important ingredient, Provitamin B5 (D-Panthenol). This provitamin is used to make Vitamin B5. D-Panthenol absorbs readily into the skin and has both moisturizing and softening effects. This will leave you with healthier, softer skin. D-Panthenol is also great for your hair.[/showhide]

Our Body Wash has the talent to help many skin conditions like eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Magicalm and Magicalm+ have ultimate soothing capacity when you use Body Wash as a shaving gel.


Body Cream Restores Skin

The last step of our body care is Body Cream with spritzing of water.

Body Cream will fully nourish skin. This special cream helps maintain skin health. Once absorbed the skin will rehydrate with a spritz of water or a warm moist cloth. This elegant cream contains only:

  • Safflower
  • Rice
  • Protein
  • Glycerin from Olive

In addition to CLA and vegan oils in our Body Cream, [showhide type=”bodycare2″ more_text=”MORE” less_text=”Show Less”]we included the collagen-building-block, glycine. This helps hydrate skin and makes up 30% of collagen. We also include Vitamin E (tocotrienol from rice) for its antioxidant properties. Altogether, Body Cream nourishes the skin simply by supplying skin with exactly what it needs to be healthy.[/showhide]


Our Organic and Natural Massage Oil Gel

Our natural, organic massage oil gel contains organic sunflower oil specially blended to make an organic gel with other pure oils. [showhide type=”bodycare3″ more_text=”MORE” less_text=”Show Less”]The feeling of this oil gel is perfect for even the most demanding massage. This fosters a healthy experience for both client and massage therapist. It is especially important for therapists, who use the oil daily.[/showhide].


Built for Therapists in a Busy Holistic Trauma Clinic

Our therapists no longer complain of cracked, sometimes painful hands limiting their effectiveness. [showhide type=”bodycare4″ more_text=”MORE” less_text=”Show Less”]They have learned that deep tissue work from using tradition carrier oils traumatizes their hands. This new massage oil makes for happy therapists. No more painful hands. Instead, their hands often look and feel better than before. It takes less than an ounce for a complete full body massage.[/showhide]


Our Organic Body Armor: Ultimate Post Bath Body Oil

This remarkable product simply works, soothing the most challenging skin.