Please do not use creams or lotions for 2 weeks. Almost all Non-Ceela creams contain preservative antibiotics. One application will undo all the work you have done with Ceela.

STEP 2: 

Please do not use any detergents containing lauric acid derivatives. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the biggest problem. This chemical is a major source of skin disease. It is found in most shampoos, toothpastes, and many skin care products. The EMA (the European equivalent of our FDA) states we should have a “ZERO” tolerance for SLS. Minor chemical changes to SLS to avoid the sulfate does not change the fact that our bodies do not use lauric acid well. While you are thinking about this you might want to rethink your relationship with detergents.

STEP 3: 

When trying to change your skin biome, the simplest first step is changing your skin pH. You have two choices. Do not do both at the same time, the bleach may decompose rapidly and release chlorine gas and hurt your lungs.

You can lower your pH. The traditional Mayo Clinic way remains dilute bleach baths. Typically one pours a half cup of household bleach diluted to 40 gallons of tepid bath tub water. Soaking for 5 minutes or so does the job. Do not use Magicalm if you choose this.

You can raise your pH.   Magicalm+ does this with magnesium hydroxide and olive-based squalane. You apply this directly to your skin. After a few minutes you can wash off or leave on as tolerated. If you have concerns about the olive squalane, then you might try Magicalm Powder. Put a pinch in a cup of warm water, stir. Moisten a wash cloth with this mixture to apply to skin.  Rinse as tolerated. You could also put a half a teaspoon in a warm water bath. Alone this will be well tolerated. 

This step with Magicalm+ or powder needs to be repeated two or three times a day. You can begin with one area, like a forearm, to get confidence.


For two weeks, use Body Wash. Use Clean Oily for face twice daily. You can leave it on as a salve also. The Shampoo works best for thin and shorter hair. Shampooing once or twice a week is usually enough if you shower rinse your hair in between. If you must use your “old ” shampoo, please put a towel over your shoulders and wash over the sink or the tub. Do not let the shampoo get on the rest of your body.

This Ceela cleansing step remains a core step because these cleansers have long-lasting support. They work by attacking the fast growing and most prevalent bacteria. We know that in the test tube these cleansers can kill bacteria and yeasts quite well. We know it has profound effects on candida yeast as well as Malassezia. As a cleanser it truly helps.


After 5-10 days, applying Clear Salve NS to toes and creases will further help restore things. 

As a general bath oil, Body Armor offers allantoin, The FDA has a Monograph allowing its use as a skin protectant. Body Armor is Legume-free. Touch contains sunflower oil, a legume but no allantoin.

Applying Squalane will support your skin in many ways. Your skin used to make this when you were younger.

Just 3 Plus remains our simplest hydrating cream. It is designed for the face. Of course, Body Cream will also do. These need to be applied very sparingly and perhaps every other day.

I do believe that underlying your skin issue is a disordered biome. You may know that malassezia is a skin-drying fungus that likes to live in hair follicles. Our cleansers are particularly effective against both methicillin-resistant staph aureus and malassezia. We were awarded patents for this work.

The simplest solution is changing your skin pH. The Magicalm+ does this with magnesium hydroxide and olive-based squalane is a great and simple way to effect this:

This may be too much… but it is by far the best summary of what I believe you are fighting for…
This article only considers prescribed antibiotics, not the thousands you have in skincare.
From what I can see, if you disorder your biome enough to create skin redness, your skin will mount an intense immune response. Putting common allergens on this disordered skin will create systemic allergies. So, be sure to avoid shea, almond, dairy etc in your children with active acne. The allergists will measure the IgE in your blood. But this is a good marker if you have a big time allergy.
At some point, you may need to ask your physician for antibiotics. Follow your intuition…I always trust the “mom-meter”, far better than a “thermo-meter”. 
But long term we have to manage our microbiome. Without the proper DHA/EPA & Vit D balance we become a risk. We know, as physicians, that once your nutritional status falls below a level, you lose your capacity to fight off infection. Since I have been studying CLA, I have come to believe this oil helps our body become less attractive to those microbes that like to eat us. So supplementing with all four oils in a growing child is a great goal. BTW pomegranate seeds are rich in CLA…,part of punicic acid.